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Some more photos from my fabulous shoot with If You Fall Photography.  Sometimes I perform burlesque with my good friend Meryle Trouble! We have amazing chemistry on stage and really play off each other well.  We wanted to get some cute shots together and what better theme than sweaters, hats and no pants?!  

Our amazing friend Sevvy Skellington also jumped in for a couple shots.  Sevvy is one of the co-producers of Peepshow TO which is the troupe we usually work with.  

Love these ladies! They are good people! 

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Another lovely collaboration with If You Fall Photography!  This is a skirt I made from vintage fabric I found and the vintage clothing and textiles fair!  I absolutely love it, and this skirt turned out super adorable.  I even put in side seam pockets for some functionality.  I love how dreamy these photos turned out, like I’m thinking sweet summer thoughts.  :)

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I’m super excited about how this photo set turned out! I love working with If You Fall Photography, we always have such a fun time and we collaborate well with each other.  

My inspiration for the set was the Nancy Sinatra “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’” video where they all have big sweaters and hot boots.  I love that look and I thought it would be fun to do a pinup inspired version of that.  The cat just really wanted to be around when we were shooting so we incorporated her in a couple photos! 

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